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People Just Do Nothing - Studio Time

Whereas for Seapa, Steve, Asim and Hugo, things are kicking off big time. More than anything else, People Just Do Nothing is — at risk of sounding cheesy — a massive shout-out to friendship. Or trust me. Or bruv. Mostly Seapa finishes them. Our time is up and Seapa has the last word, unsurprisingly.

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Nor is the direction he takes it in surprising. Opening shot: Asim wears jacket, Balenciaga at Harrods. Tracksuit bottoms, Stone Island at Browns. Steve wears sweatshirt, Palace. Allan wears vintage jacket, Stone Island. Hugo wears Camo polar jacket, Stussy at Mr Porter. Cap, Lacoste. Tracksuit bottoms, Stone Island at Harvey Nichols. Commenting on this piece? An earlier version implied The Office was set in Staines. This has been corrected to Slough.

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Until Seapa remembers Hugo. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics TV comedy.

Reuse this content. Brickner-Wood: What insights or advice do you have for artists, of any medium, who are negotiating between the noncommercial space in which their art is being made and the market in which their art is being sold? Odell: I actually have the opposite of an answer. Up until now, I was pretty much a visual artist.

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You have issues of having a persona or something like that, but I never had to deal with the hard reality of selling artistic products. That was just something I put up by myself.

I wrote this book in a kind of naive and magical vacuum. I never had a publicist before, none of this.

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But at the same time it has been psychologically and artistically a struggle to have to participate in the reification of what initially felt like a subtle and complex idea. I actually find dealing with this to be harder than writing the book itself. That might just be a personality thing. So I think in moments of feeling threatened by having to sell something or the prospect of having to sell something or the necessity of that, in whatever way possible hold onto something that is just yours and may never be seen or read by any one.

BY Brady Brickner-Wood. Honey pours from my eyes as the mustard dries under the bandaid, poultice yellow — a flake on skin. I think about the time I ate the lemon, whole, rind and pith, spitting the seeds into a cup because Patricia told me to. I had immersed myself into America so fully, succumbing to its soft, rolling English with such abandon, that encountering someone from my country of origin felt like a kind of violation.

Odell: Yeah. Brady Brickner-Wood was born and raised in New Hampshire. Poetry ,.

follow site Fiction ,. Odell: I think it teaches us how narrow our idea of usefulness is and as well as our definition of productivity. Something that I ask a lot in the book is productive of what? Or useful for what?

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So, you know, if we were all algorithms, right? Or we would figure out ways to not sleep. That is just not something we can articulate in a super obvious way.